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Comeback Wolves, A book to bring hope and wildness back to the West

Comeback Wolves: Western Writers Welcome the Wolf Home - Gary Wockner, Gregory McNamee, Sueellen Campbell, Mark Udall

I'm giving this book 5 stars simply for what it stands for. To me personally it is a reminder that people still care, people are still fighting, trying to right a wrong. It instills hope. 

The essays and poems within this collection cover a range of topics, as was the intent. Some people write with fiery passion, others are more melancholy and timidly optimistic. And some are downright hopeful, bless them. But they all had something beautiful to say about the wolf, and a shared emotion between all of them was a sense of wonder and a longing for wildness. The wolf is an amazing creature that for too long has been demonized by humans. 

Though hard to get through at times because of the emotions it stirred up, I would say this is a valuable read for any lover of nature writing, environmentalist, and of course, wolf lover.