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Good Omens, Good Book. And who loses the Antichrist?

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch - Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman

I must say, not every book starts off with a demon losing the Antichrist. Sounds interesting already, doesn't? 


This was my first Terry Pratchett books (if you count it as a Terry Pratchett book) and one of a few Neil Gaiman books I've read. I can't speak for Pratchett but I've enjoyed Gaiman's writing in every book I've picked up, and from what I can tell from Good Omens, I think I'll like Pratchett even on his own. 


The book starts, like I said, with a demon named Crowley, losing the Antichrist. This is not the best way to start the Apocalypse. Though, do be fair to Crowley, it wasn't entirely his fault. A rather air-headed nun is partially to blame as well. 


So Crowley and his "partner in crime" Aziraphale, an angel, lose the Antichrist and all kinds of panic ensues and they scramble to try and find him. This book, even though being about a very dark topic (you know, the Apocalypse) it is exceedingly funny in a very British way, I feel. The writing is funny but done in a style where it almost feels like it doesn't know it's being funny, if that makes any sense at all. The humor and just overall presentation of the book has a British feel to me. 


The book jumps around between many different characters in many different places, so if you don't enjoy that kind of thing it might not be your cup of Earl Grey. I felt at the end that it was dragging things out a bit as well but not to any great frustration. Some may also see the ending being a bit preachy but personally I liked it. The final lesson learned as the Apocalypse was ready to crush the world is one I very much appreciated and an idea that a lot of us could learn from. So I was okay with it feeling a bit preach, because at least it was preaching a good message.