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Return to Tortall!

First Test - Tamora Pierce

This is the third Tamora Pierce quartet I've read and even being just one book in I'm sure I will enjoy the last three to come.


The Protector of the Small series is set in the magical land of Tortall, same as Pierce's first quartet, Song of the Lioness. It takes place after her second quartet, the Immortals. It's been 10 years since the proclamation that women could train to be knights and finally someone has come forward to take advantage of the ruling. Her name is Keladry of Mindalen. She is much quieter and not and quick-tempered as Alanna is, but she isn't afraid of a fight and works hard to show she belongs in the page program as much as any boy.


Unlike Alanna, all the boys know she's a girl and not all of the are happy about it. But Kel doesn't let that stop her. She keeps her cool even in the face of torment and ridicule and eventually makes some friends.


I've loved all the Tamora Pierce novels I've read so far. They are easy, fun reads, fast-paced and all have very strong female protagonists, which I love. They are a nice blend of action and magic and good old-fashioned school-time shenanigans.


I'm excited to see what adventures Kel gets up to as she continues her journey to become a knight.