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The journey continues...

Page  - Tamora Pierce

The last three years just flew by, full of struggles and challenges and some odd things. But Keladry has proven herself once again...


Page follows the last three years of Kel's time as, well a page, as the name suggests. She is no longer on probation and has gained the trust and respect of many of her fellow pages. 


Kel really starts coming into her own in this book. The training gets hard, her skills are put to more and more difficult tests, and changes are happening with her own body that she has to deal with. As Kel is growing older, she is becoming more aware of the world outside the walls of the palace. She finds herself fighting bandits on the road and gets word about the growing threat in the north. 


Pierce does a good job of not getting bogged down in the repetitive nature of going to school. She keeps Kel in her routine of learning and training but she also has enough adventures on the side to keep things interesting. By the end of the book, Kel finds herself facing down the exams to become a squire but someone is trying to keep her from them, thus forcing her to redo another four years as a page. Will she be able to find what is taken from her and pass the exams to become a squire? 


Well, I guess you'll find out in the next review!