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Me Being Me is exactly as insane as You Being You...a good title, could be a bit better book

Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You - Todd Hasak-Lowy

When I first read the description for this books it sounded very intriguing. I'm a huge fan of lists so I wanted to see what a book written in lists would be like. I certainly won't say it is my favorite book format out there but it certainly did challenge me as a read some. There were some pages that were just straight up lists of adjectives that described the character. Others were blocks of prose recounting an incident from the past or that was currently happening. The whole story was broken up into these small segments so you had to work harder to keep all the pieces straight in your head. The plot was still easy enough to follow, however.


Moving onto the meat of the book, I wasn't all too fond of it but it wasn't terrible either. It kept my interest well enough that I wanted to finish the book and find out what happened to the characters. I didn't really agree with how Darren reacted to his father being gay. I mean, I could kind of understand his reaction, it wasn't unbelievable, but it just personally didn't sit well with me how he took it. He kept saying that it was okay, it was fine, it wasn't his fault but then he would also make comments that his dad was a freak for being gay. So...yeah. Maybe if I had been younger I could have related better. Who knows?


I also didn't feel like any of the characters developed much throughout the story. It all kind of happened in the last few of the book. Though oddly enough I still felt pretty satisfied by the ending. I liked the bit where Darren said something along the lines of, if life is just a list of things you do then why not do what you want first? Or something like that. I did like that idea.


Overall, it wasn't an awful read. It may read better for the intended age range but may not appeal to most adults. It was interesting to read a different style of book.