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Hold Me Closer: A big, gay musical, much like Tiny Cooper himself.

Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story - David Levithan

Yes, even the musical part. If you know anything about Tiny Cooper, him being like a musical makes perfect sense. 


It seems I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson at just the right time because not two days after I finished it I had Hold Me Closer in my hands. It's a quick, fun, easy read, much like Will Grayson. It took me just one day to finish, mostly due to the amount of time on my hands, the length of the book and the fact that it is in play format. 


Hold Me Closer is the life story of Tiny Cooper, starting with his birth and going all the way up the the events of Will Grayson. It's honest and funny would probably make a decent musical if some crazy Nerdfighters/Levithan fans out there actually made it a reality. It captures those crazy, emotional teen years of self discovery very well, and add on top of that being gay. But despite all that is working against Tiny (mostly himself) he comes out the other side of the parade of ex-boyfriends having learned many a valuable lesson. I think teens and adults alike could appreciate the message of Tiny's musical.