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Two down, one to go! Dragonriders of Pern Vol. 2

Dragonquest - Anne McCaffrey

This book took me just about as long, if not longer, to finish as the first in the trilogy. Though I think I did enjoy this one more. It was odd; the first half of the book or so felt much like the first one in terms of pacing and action (or lack there of). But once I started getting into the second half I found there were more moments where I enjoyed the feel of the writing and was more interested and drawn in by what the characters were doing and saying. 


That being said, there were some bits that I didn't care for, regardless of which characters were involved or how typical of the culture it was. For example, F'nor straight up raped Brekke, and I don't care how romantic or passionate it was supposed to be. And despite the more exciting bits and the parts where the characters seemed more lively and fun, a lot of the book was still political, bureaucratic nonsense. There was always more talking and planning about what to do and not as much actual doing. Things only really go exciting when Wirenth and Prideth fought and died and when F'nor jumped between to the Red Star.


However, the irony of this all is that I still feel just invested enough to plug away through the third book to see what finally happens. I'll be taking a longer break between this time but eventually I'll pick it up and see what is in store for Pern.