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Like Water World, only better...or so I'm told

The Gracekeepers: A Novel - Kirsty Logan

I was sold on this book for a couple reasons. One, a coworker recommended it, two, it was by a Scottish author, and three, it had a very unique world setting with interesting characters.


I enjoyed the chapters told from various character views. It really helped to flesh out not only the characters but the world and some of its more subtle workings. The books is very character driven as opposed to action driven (despite each character constantly being in motion across the sea) and Logan did a good job getting into the heads of each character, even the minor ones.


The whole book had a fairytale feel, a good thing to be sure since it was inspired by Scottish mythology and fairytales. The pacing was good and I loved all of the sea imagery. This was a very fun, enjoyable read!