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You can't kill an idea

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

Keeping with the theme, this is a book I'm surprised I got out of school without reading but always intended to read at some point. And now I have! I did, however, finish the last half of the book while spending way too much time on a train and while I was heavily sleep deprived. So I may be a bit fuzzy about some of the details.


The message of the story is clear to me though. In a society where books are burned, the scariest part is not that books are burned. It's that by burning the books you are destroying ideas. That's what is really outlawed in Montag's world. Ideas. Ideas different from what the government wants you to believe. Like it was said in the book, books are just one receptacle for housing ideas and thoughts.


It's rather brilliant, isn't it? You can't kill an idea. Even if that's what you are trying to do by burning books. We could give ourselves a bit more credit, I think. Even if we live in a black and white world where things just are the way they are, I think, someone, somewhere, books or no, could still have an inkling one day and question life. Our minds are more inquisitive than we may realize. And if enough people start questioning and talking to one another, that's where new ideas are born, and they will spread, and they will endure.