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Seeing Thor and Odin in a whole new way

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - Douglas Adams

As I made my way into the second Dirk Gently novel, I discovered that I had quite forgotten (or just never read) what the book synopsis was and was thus surprised to realize that among this book's characters were the gods Thor and Odin. This was only really a surprise because of the recent Avengers movie I had seen. Adams Thor is hugely different from long flowing hair and rippling muscles Thor in the Avengers. 


Anyway, that odd juxtaposition aside, Adams once again doesn't fail to present the reader with a jumble assortment of characters, seemingly disconnected, and then ties them all together. 


This time, Dirk has been hired to keep his client from being killed by some demon, which, you might guess, he fails miserably at. This triggers the string of bizarre encounters and events, as well as some perplexing clues, Dirk must follow to try and get to the bottom of this seemingly impossible murder. 


Tea Time was shorter than Dirk Gently but there was some time in the middle where things felt like you were just floating up in the air above the plot before you came rushing back down to where things started happening. Which, for me, didn't really detract from the reading experience. It was still very Adams in my mind. There just wasn't the same constant feeling of moving forward like when reading Dirk Gently. 


Soon I'll be on The Salmon of Doubt, which I'm very excited for. Hitchhiking the galaxy one last time. And Zaphod will be there!