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The future is bleak...or is it? (vaguely spoiler-ish)

Denton Little's Deathdate - Lance Rubin

I was intrigued by this book for a couple of reasons. 1) I liked the whole premise of knowing when you would die. I mean, I would never want to know the exact date I was gonna die, but makes for a good plot device. 2) I was curious to see how things would actually play out. I mean, let's be honest, even though the book claims Denton will be dead in the next 12 hours, any clever reader will know he won't actually be dead buy the end of the book. (Though if that were the case that would certainly be some twist.) 


There is in fact a twist to the end of this book. Again, the clever reader could guess what, but it is still worth the read because you won't know why things twist in the direction they do. Also, this book has the perfect kind of teen drama (in my opinion). There were some parts where things took a more drastic turn than I had expected but that just made the reading that much more fun. 


I thought Rubin did a nice job with the voice as well as realistically portraying what might be going through the head of a teenage boy about to die. The book takes place over the course of a day and a half but even so the pacing is nice and steady throughout. 


I only discovered that there will be a sequel after scrolling through a few reviews. This is fortunate, because if there wasn't a sequel it would be a serious WTF ending. 


To be continued!