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Ready Player One: Possibly the future of our world?

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

It's fun to think about anyway. 


The term I saw thrown around a lot in other reviews was 'nostalgia porn.' Which I don't disagree with, it's just for me it isn't really nostalgia porn because I didn't grow up in the 80s, I wasn't that big of a gamer and the knowledge of the era I've acquired is limited. For me, it was a bit more like an encyclopedia of all these games and facts and famous people, a few of which I've heard of and a bunch of others I was completely clueless on. 


I will say that Cline succeeded in not totally bogging down the story and boring the reader with all the references to vintage games and old school movies (or should those adjectives me switched?). He was immersive and thorough but not suffocating. If anything, the whole book got the gamer in me twitching again and thinking I should pick up a controller sometime soon. 


So, future set book where the world has finally gone to shit and everyone escapes into the amazing virtual reality that is the OASIS (ISWYDT Cline). Eccentric game designer plants Easter Egg in the game for players to find and win his fortune. Let the games begin! 


I'm not really sure what to say. This was an adventure on a grand scale. Our hero, Wade, must explore the vast world of the OASIS, race against his fellow gunters to find the egg, and, at all costs, stop the corporate Sixers from getting there first. Cline has a great imagination and spared no expense in creating and fleshing out the OASIS. 


The ending really got my pulse up. I knew Wade was going to win it but that didn't make the fear and excitement any less enjoyable. I crafted a tweet about it that went something like this: 


Me reading the end of RPO: Oh man...yes! Not Shoto! Woo! Take that! Wait, what? No! Wait, WHAT?! Holy crap! *faints*


'Twas a good time. 


I would say if you consider yourself any kind of nerd, like a good adventure, or want to drool over an awesome virtual reality world, you should pick this book up.