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Egghead: Or, You Can't Survive on Ideas Alone - Chance Bone, Bo Burnham

Like many of Bo's poems, I hope to make this review short, thoughtful, and to the point. 


Bo Burnham has been called, singer, songwriter, actor, and comedian (but he says comedian is enough). Egghead is his first book of poetry.


His style is very similar to that of Shel Silverstein but the content is definitely not for children. Many of the poems are crass, rude, and vulgar. Others are just plain silly and fun, poking fun at the ridiculousness of the English language (homonyms, strange adjective choices, popular vocabulary, etc.) and other awkward situations people find themselves in. But be warned, other poems are very poignant and leave you feeling like you've just read something very profound but your're not sure why. 


There is nothing Bo Burnham has created that I didn't enjoy on some level. He is insightful, clever and creative in all the things he does and is unapologetic and unafraid in his craft. 


I'd also like to give props to Chance Bone for creating beautifully disturbing images. Well done, sir, well done.