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Different times, same truths: David Sedaris tells it like it is

Naked - David Sedaris

I've steadily been making my way through all of David Sedaris' novels. Naked is my fourth, if memory serves. I usually pick them up when I'm in between genres. They are quick, funny, and provoke just the right amount of rumination in the reader. 


Naked focuses primarily on Sedaris' younger life up until his college years (even though most of those years weren't really spent in college). Reflecting on the book as a whole, I found myself enjoying the earlier stories more than I did the later ones. Through my reading of David Sedaris, I've noticed that each of his stories tends to have a moral of sorts, some lesson or truth that is being explored or exposed. And Naked was no exception.


The stories, of course, are ridiculous and slightly hyperbolic. They put a microscope up to a different time in our society, when things were talked about and handled differently. But the observations Sedaris makes on the human condition and the way we interact with one another still apply quite well to our society as it exists today. 


I think that may be my favorite thing about David Sedaris and his writing. He is blunt an unapologetic about his past. He unashamedly shares his experiences and at the same time he is entertaining the reader he is also brining attention to those things people usually pretend aren't an issue. His honesty provides comfort to those who may feel isolated by their bizarre ways of thinking. He's as crass as he is thoughtful, and the two work side by side to create a perplexingly enjoyable read.