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The Honest Truth...honestly

The Honest Truth - Dan Gemeinhart

A word of advice if you're a bit of a softy like me: if you plan to write a review of a book that you didn't think was super great, don't read anything the author wrote about the book because it could end up putting a whole new spin on your reading. 


That being said, I will still give my honest opinion of the book, but there will be an asterisk by it. The Honest Truth is the story of a teenage boy whose cancer has come back with a vengeance so he runs away from home to complete his dream of climbing Mt. Rainer. 


I liked the premise of the story well enough. The plot moved forward at a good pace and I think the author did a good job of capturing the feelings that come along with facing death, especially if you're a young person. The chapters alternate between Mark, the main character, and his best friend, Jessie, who is back home. I thought this was a nice touch to the story since I feel like a lot of times the people who get left behind get forgotten.


My biggest issue was that the writing wasn't spectacular and felt a little cliche at times. But overall I could move through the story without getting distracted. My asterisk to this review is that the author wrote the book in memory of his friend Mark who died of cancer. So once I read that I was like, 'Aw, well now I kind of feel bad about thinking it wasn't that good.' The gesture was certainly very sweet. And for a debut novel it certainly didn't fall flat.