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Napoleonic Wars...WITH DRAGONS!!!

His Majesty's Dragon -  Naomi Novik

I'm a total sucker for any book with a heavy dragon element. I got my hands on the first of Naomi Novik's Temeraire series from a co-worker, who highly recommended it. I'm sad to say it took me months to actually pick it up but I was so glad when I finally did! 


Our hero is Captain Will Laurence and his spectacular dragon Temeraire. The two come together when Temeraire's egg is captured from a French naval ship. After he hatches, Temeraire takes and instant liking to Laurence, who is rather dismayed by this fact. This was the first thing I appreciated about Novik's book. In most books, being chosen by a dragon for a companion is a highly coveted thing. Dragon riders are revered and important. Aviators (as they are known in this series) are certainly important, but the position is not so appealing. It is a tough, usually lonely life with fewer creature comforts. But Laurence rises to the challenge and grand adventures ensue. 


I really enjoyed Novik's writing style. Things flowed well and she does a very good job of fleshing out her characters, particularly Laurence and Temeraire. She get's in their heads and you can see what they're thinking but she also spends lots of time addressing other secondary characters and creating a vivid scene for the reader. 


Also dragon anatomy/physiology. It wasn't laid on super thick in this book but I can only hope there is more to come. I am a complete nerd for things like that. The whole book did a good job of introducing the life of the Aviators, the state of the war, and this re-imagined time in our own history now fashioned with dragons. 


There are nine books total in the series. I'm excited to see what adventures Laurence and Temeraire get up to next!