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Oh Kaz, you're so bad.

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

This book is full of characters that lack the same level of moral decency most of the readers will have but I for one was okay with because 1) circumstances required it and 2) it made for such a good story!


Six of Crows is simply put a heist book. A group of six rough and tumble gang members are hired to pull of the impossible task of springing a prison from the most secure prison in the world. Their leader is Kaz Brekker, the fearless, ruthless, impossibly clever Kaz Brekker. 


Leigh Bardugo did a fantastic job with the pacing and characterization. She's created this fantastical new world with an array of cultures and her six leads represent near every one I think. She takes the time to flesh out back stories throughout the book but does it in a way that doesn't bog down the plot. You get little snippets of a characters past in the present moment that make you want to know more. But of course you don't just get all in one go so you have to keep reading! 


The book reads like you're viewing a heist movie. Think of Ocean's Eleven or something like that. You're going along and you think you're seeing all the pieces in play but then you get to the end and you only know half of the things! You turn the page and everything you thought you knew is wrong. Wrong! So that's fun. 


And the book ends with a surprise/twist ending that isn't really that surprising considering it's a heist book and a heist book without a surprise/twist ending would just be silly. It is also a bit of a cliff hanger so now I'm just over here waiting for the next one and hoping it will be available in New Zealand. Book angst, it's a thing.