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A Gathering of MORE AWESOME! ( a little spoilery)

A Gathering of Shadows - V.E. Schwab

So my close, bookish friends will know that this is a series I have been obsessed with over the last year. The first book came into my bookstore as an ARC and it caught my eye and I read it and it was amazing and then I found it was gonna be a trilogy and was super excited. But then I also panicked because I was moving out of the country right around the time the ARC for the second book would be coming out and I wasn't sure I'd still be there when and if it showed up. But praise be to our book rep, I got it before I left. 


I love Kell, but I also love Lila. I really liked that this book focused a bit more on her journey, at least that's how it felt to me. We still know fuck all about her but that's just Lila for you. We also get to learn more about Rhy in this book, and are introduced to a whole bunch of new and exciting characters. 


This book takes place four years after the events of A Darker Shade of Magic. There's a definite shift in the vibe across Red London as well as in Kell's own life. We meet the other surrounding kingdoms, and freaking Holland is up to some shit over in White London. AND! Victoria Schwab has to go and end it on this fucking bitch of a cliffhanger! Not cool, Schwab, not cool. *sigh* Jeez, I seem to curse a lot more in my reviews when I really like a book. 


Profanity aside, this was a great sequel. It was very fresh while still feeling familiar. It referenced events in the first book but only so much as to remind the reader if they'd forgotten some things. There's action and intrigue and romance. Gah! How am I going to survive another year?! 


I cannot wait to see how this trilogy wraps up.