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An exploration of human diversity + a love story = Every Day

Every Day - David Levithan

I've read several David Levithan books before reading Every Day, and I've enjoyed all of them. Every Day is no exception. Levithan has this incredible ability to cut right to the heart of things. His characters feel so real and genuine. That's why I find Every Day to be such a fantastic piece of literature. 


The story follows the character A, a person who, every day, wakes up inhabiting the body of a different person. When I explained the premise of the book to a friend of mine, his response was, 'What was the author on when he thought of this?' And I chuckled. The premise is a bit bizarre. But it is also rather brilliant. 


This book allowed David Levithan to explore so many different kinds of characters. There are so many different kinds of teens that could pick up this book and relate to in one way or another. Teens from all different walks of life are given a voice here, however brief. I really respect Levithan for giving teens the benefit of the doubt, as it were. For not just assuming they are too young and too inexperienced to understand these big, so called 'adult' concepts and feelings. Adults had to learn these things somewhere, and here, as an adolescent, is where it all started. So why try and diminish that? More often than not, those younger than us can offer better, more refreshing insight into life than those that have become jaded by it.


The love story between Rhiannon and A is very sweet as well. Personally, it takes me back to the time of my first love, where you didn't have to try to explain it. It was borderline irrational and completely naive but it felt right and to do anything else was out of the question. It's a little sad that as we grow up we lose that certainty we once had. It's bullied out by fear and doubt. 


Enough of my philosophizing. Every Day was a great read and I would recommend it to teens and adults alike.