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Hitchhiking around New Zealand

A Land of Two Halves - Joe Bennett

This book fell into my lap back at my bookstore before I left. It had come in with some trade a customer had dropped off and my coworker, knowing I was about to move to NZ brought it to me. It was going to cost me not much more than a dollar so I brought it home, not worrying too much about if it would be good or not. 


Joe Bennett moved to New Zealand from England in 1987 and had been living in the country for 15 years (at the time the book was written) when he decided to hitchhike around the country to reassess just where exactly he was. 


I myself have never hitchhiked, but it was fascinating reading about Joe's experience. I imagine some people hitchhike for the same reason others travel at all: to meet new people from all walks of life and hear their stories. 


As a newcomer to NZ, it was also fun and interesting reading about different parts of the country. There were bits of the country's history sprinkled throughout as well as insights into the general mindset of different areas as well as NZ as a whole. 


Obviously this book had an extra appeal to me because I was about to be living in NZ when I got it, but I think it would also be a good read for anyone who enjoys memoirs, but the kind of memoirs that aren't super self-centered and narrowly focused on the person writing them. This book isn't just about Joe, it's more about life and all the wonderful things you can find if you just get out there are start looking.