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Dragons in China! (which isn't all that unusual)

Throne of Jade - Naomi Novik

(This review has very mild spoilers, nothing related to plot.) Temeraire Book 2! This is the sequel to Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon. The premise of the books already has me drawn in (the Napoleonic Wars with dragons) and I absolutely love the depth to wish Novik goes with her draconic world.


The second book, Throne of Jade, finds Laurence faced with the possibility of losing Temeraire to the Chinese. They were none too pleased to hear the rare Celestial dragon promised to Napoleon found its way into British hands, and to keep diplomatic relations good, the British attempt to appease the Emperor as much as they can while still trying to keep hold of Temeraire, a dragon the Corps is in desperate need of.


This book dives deeper into the world of dragons, introducing readers to all sorts of new breeds and teaching us more about Temeraire and his heritage, all things I'm a total sucker for. We also see dragons living in a whole new way, widely wholly accepted by humans, being taught to read and write and many other things not seen in the Corps. This of course causes a bit of unrest with Temeraire who has always had a radical streak.


I enjoyed the book, though this one was a bit more heavy on the political side, and a good chunk of the book was dedicated to the sea journey to China, which is not the most thrilling stuff to read. But it did keep me engaged enough to get to the end. And the end did have an element of surprise to it, but I'll keep that to myself.


Throne of Jade presented the characters with new challenges and new experiences and set up a lot of things for the reader to look forward to in future books. The world keeps developing and expanding so there is always something new to discover on the next page. I'm looking forward to picking up book three.