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Watch out for those Scots...

The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains - Neil Gaiman

I kid, though. I love the Scots. This short story by Mr. Gaiman takes place in the Scottish Highlands (I believe). Two men journey to a mysterious cave, one of them in search of gold. This is how it seems but really, there is much more at play. 


Sometimes Gaiman feels almost Hemingway-ish in his writing. Short sentences, straight to the point, but all put together are very powerful in their simplicity. He manages to say a whole lot with little words, which is a skill and think a lot of writers wish they had or could perfect. 


Like some of his other works, this story has its edges tinted with black. It's not a scary story but throughout reading there is a sense of unease and things lurking in shadow. Eddie Campbell's illustrations fit very well with Gaiman's story. They have this smudge, distorted quality to them which really helps add to the creepiness and mystery of the story. 


A short read with a bit of a twist that Gaiman fans will enjoy.