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In a world of werewolves, she's a coyote

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs

I'll be honest, I think I picked this up because I had confused it with Carrie Vaughn's urban fantasy series. But that's alright, because this series was also one that was recommended to me by an old co-worker. I haven't really read much urban fantasy, for me it is usually all or nothing, but this wasn't bad. 


Mercy Thompson is a walker. She can shapeshift into a coyote. But everyone else around her is a werewolf, vampire or some other sort of fae. But she makes due. Life takes a bit of a twist for her when a young werewolf shows up at her garage asking for work. 


The feel of the book is sort of adventure/mystery with the barest touches of romance throughout. The plot is set at a good pace. It doesn't just blow through everything but it also doesn't drag a bunch of things out. There are maybe times where it feels a bit info-dumpy with all the facts about werewolves and the fae and sometimes the bits where past events are being discussed gets a little muddled but overall things keep moving nicely. 


The writing is not overly complex. It makes for quick reading. But sometimes it does feel a bit clunky and occasionally the wording and structure of dialogue got me a bit confused. I enjoyed Mercy as a character for the most part. She was independent and could take care of herself but also had moments of doubt and things she struggled with. Sometimes it felt like there were inconsistencies with these qualities (some things she should have been good at she was bad at and vice versa) but it didn't bother me much. 


I would say this is a fun sort of filler read. A good series to pick up when you are between the more literary stuff in your reading list and need to give you brain a break.