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Read this if you want to get excited about traveling

Just One Day - Gayle Forman

Okay, so I know this book is supposed to be this big amazing long-distance love story, which it is, and that is super cute and makes you just ooze sunshine and rainbows out of your pores, but holy crap this book made me want to travel. (Yes, I'm currently living in New Zealand for a year but that involves real life crap like a job.)


I need to get to Europe bad. I want to explore cities and just go for it like Allyson did. She's my kind of girl. Sorry, let's talk some real review stuff. I'd heard good things about Gayle Forman so, as I was barred from the Scifi/Fantasy section in the library due to a broken window, I picked over the Teen section and came home with this. 


There are plenty of adult books that I really love because they are profound and funny and have just the right amount of silliness. But I love teen books because they explore all those raw teen emotions in a completely unapologetic way, they don't hold back because something might be seen as too whiney or too dramatic. It's a teen book! We're dealing with teens! It better be whiney and dramatic (but in a good way). 


Forman's writing is easy to get through but is still good writing (one of my favorite lines is, "A condom materialized." Bloody brilliant). She captures those new and tumultuous years after high school where everyone is off to uni and you are growing and learning so much so fast. And I absolutely love Dee as a character. He's fantastic. 


Now I just need to track down a copy of Just One Year to figure out what the hot Dutch guy was up to that whole time!