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Carry On, Carry On, Nothing Really Matters

Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

Ah, Carry On, the story everyone wanted to read once they read Fangirl. I wonder if you would then count this as a novel or fanfiction. It's fanfiction written by a fictional character (technically). Maybe it's fanfic-ception!!! Though that doesn't really make sense...

Anyway! This was a fun read. I enjoy Rainbow Rowell's writing. It is super simplistic but still engaging and fun. Anyone who has read Fangirl knows that the story of Simon Snow is very similar to the Harry Potter series, but it has enough of its own personality that it doesn't feel like a shitty remake. I find it kind of cute and silly that the spells in Carry On are essentially popular idioms and phrases from everyday life. I also like how there is an emphasis on the power of words throughout the book.

This story has a good ol' fashion mystery element to it. The characters peel back layer after layer to discover the answer to their problems and of course end up finding things they didn't expect. This next part is going to be very vaguely spoiler-ish so BE WARNED!

I like that, at the end of the book, everything kind of went in a much different direction than you would've expected. I mean, hmm, how do I say this. Things that happened weren't totally out of left field but I just like that they happened that way, as opposed to some other way that was similar but not quite the same. Characters like Simon and Agatha sort of broke the conventional bonds we see their type of characters living out in most 'chosen one' books, as Rowell calls them. She puts her own spin on things, and that was very refreshing.

This was a fun, easy read, and definitely for people who like sort of silly teen romance, intrigue and magic.