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Straight outta Denver: The poems of Ken Arkind

Coyotes by Arkind, Ken (2014) Paperback - Ken Arkind

It's been only recently that I've admitted to myself that I do actually enjoy poetry. Now I should clarify and say I like certain kinds of poetry, which is like anything else, really. What I've really become a fan of is slam poetry. I got the chance to hear some a few weeks ago, and it was absolutely superb.


I was in a town called Ohakune for a writers' festival, and this is where I heard Ken Arkind perform some of his pieces. He's a fellow Coloradan. That endeared me to him even before his performance began. But it only got better from there.


Ken Arkind's work is thoughtful as well as funny. He takes the everyday, spins it round and shows it to the reader in a new way. Some poems delve into the gritty, unpleasant side of life and talk about them in an unapologetic unashamed way, and that's something I always appreciate.


Several of Arkind's poems referenced places and things I was familiar with having grown up in Colorado as well. That was just a bit of an added bonus for me. I enjoyed reading the poems for myself; the experience is always different than when you hear them performed. But Arkind is an energetic, passionate performer that I would love to see again.