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No, it's not that Sirius...

Sirius: Roman - Jonathan Crown

This was a book I picked up as an impulse buy. I was in Nelson last week and stopped into Page and Blackmore, primarily to grovel for a job, but I knew, against my better judgement, I'd be walking out of there with a book.


Sirius was the first book I spotted. Probably because the title triggered by Harry Potter reflex. But when I picked it up to read the back my interest was piqued. I was going to try to be good and just write down the title for later but clearly that didn't end up happening.

I tend to steer clear of WW2 books. Not because I find them boring or overdone, but because they shine a light on the darkest side of humanity and that brings me down.


Sirius brought me down a bit, but it was mostly uplifting, a bit silly and quite cute. I view it as a book primarily about family and making the best of what you have. We see Sirius' family go from being very well off with a nice house and all the luxuries of life, then slowly that's all taken away as Hitler rises to power. They are relocated to Hollywood, where Sirius comes to the rescue and helps turn life around. But it only lasts for a while before life changes again.


Through all the ups and downs the family sticks together and keeps moving forward no matter what happens. And at the heart of it all is Sirius. This was a quick, fun read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good animal book and doesn't want to read a totally depressing WW2 book.