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How I fell in love with love

How They Met, and Other Stories - David Levithan

David Levithan slays me once again! This man has a beautiful gift for evoking ALL the emotions and feels in his writing. There is not one of his books that I have not liked. So, when I saw this at the library, I picked it up without hesitation.


How They Met is a collection of stories about love. Not just romantic love, all kinds of love. Between friends, between family, everything. That is something I really enjoyed about the book. It gave some attention to all the other places love exists in our lives. So much of what we see in movies and books (that aren't this one) is just romantic love, between two partners. We are always encourage to find our soul mate, the one. And as nice as that is, there are lots of other kinds of love that are just as nice, if not better.


How They Met doesn't just tell the stories of straight couples. There are also same sex couples, both male a female. There is a vast amount of diversity among the characters, from their situations, lifestyles, location, ages, and more. Every story is different. The writing style varies as well. Some are very straightforward prose and others read more like poetry or stream of consciousness.


This book read very quick and easy, and made me smile like a freaking idiot on at least five occasions. Sweet, insightful, and simultaneously light and heavy-hearted. Highly recommended.