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Sandry's Book

Magic In The Weaving - Tamora Pierce

Okay, so somehow I missed it on my first visit to the library, but they did in fact have the first quartet in the Circle of Magic books. So I started reading those in addition to continuing The Circle Opens quartet.


The first in the series is Sandry's book. This is where we are introduced to our four young heros: Sandry, Daja, Tris and Briar. All four come from very different backgrounds, and all have very different personalities. There is a continuing undertone of tension between all the characters throughout the book as they learn about each other and get used to their new lives at Winding Circle Temple.


The list of interesting and strong characters doesn't end there. Each young mage has an equally intriguing teacher. I've always loved Tamora Pierce for her characterization. Everyone has their own voice, their own quirks, and unique styles. She develops her relationships well, too. The dynamics between Briar, Tris, Daja and Sandry improve as time goes on, but the feel of sibling rivalry still lingers.


I mentioned this in my review of Magic Steps but I enjoy learning about these different kinds of magic, a kind that can be specific to a certain element, not just general magic. I might like it because it remind me a bit of Avatar and the bending of the elements. But still, it's fun!