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Tris's Book

Tris's Book - Tamora Pierce

Oh, Tris. Your power is cool and amazing but you kind of bug me. Here we are at the second book in our Circle of Magic adventure. It focuses mostly on Tris, the weather witch. It hasn't been long since the four came to Winding Circle, but they went through a lot together in the last book that brought them together, but Tris seems to be the only hold out for just getting along with everyone.


She has a rough back story, so I can understand her being as cold and untrusting as she is, but ugh, she gets on my nerves sometimes. She's a bit too whiny for me. She's always so resistant to people trying to help, people she should know care about her. Maybe she'll come around in the last couple of books, but I found myself being annoyed by her a lot in this book.


My grievances with Tris aside, this book presented our young mages with all new challenges. They continue to learn more and more about their powers, and are discovering just how strong they are. There's a bit of betrayal in this book, and it touches on big issues of death and remorse. Though her books are geared toward younger audiences, Pierce never shies away from serious issues. She discusses them rationally and openly, which I respect.