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From the devilishly handsome, chiseled and debonair genius that is Simon Pegg

By Simon Pegg: Nerd Do Well - New Century Books

I have been a fan of Simon Pegg for many years now. I also enjoy the occasional memoir. So when I first came across Pegg’s autobiography, I knew I’d have to pick it up one day. That day has now come and passed! I now know more about Simon Pegg than I did before, and I loved every page of it.

A quick summary of the book would be, "Sincere, funny, self-aware and just a bit meta. And, of course, full of nerdy goodness." Pegg starts the reflection on his life when he was a young boy and explores all the events that had significant impact on where his life is today. Sounds like a memoir, right? Throughout the book are insights about the circularity life can have, how coincidence and the Chaos Theory seem to always have their hand in things, to some extent or another, and how following your passion can in fact pay off.

Interspersed between the chapters discussing Pegg's life is a fiction narrative that follows Pegg himself and his trusty android butler on a mission to track down the Scarlet Panther and is completed with a twist ending (spoilers!). This was a fun an unexpected addition to the book, which I enjoyed a lot, mostly due to the totally hyperbolic and ridiculous nature of the writing.

Personally speaking, it is sometimes difficult to read a book about someone you admire and envy a bit for their experiences and success. Sometimes while reading I'd catch myself think things like, "If only I liked horror movies more, if only I'd joined more clubs, if only I'd lived somewhere else, etc." Sometimes I'd even catch myself feeling like I wasn't actually that nerdy (to which I think certain people I know would scoff and say, "Yeah, right.").

If you ever have moments like this when reading books by your idols and heroes or watching special features of a movie you love or reading interviews with your favorite authors, try to remember this: you are taking your own path and you will have your own amazing experiences. Don't try to live someone else's life. Just live your own. Like the things you like, do the things you want to do, and let the biggest thing you try to emulate from your idols be their passion for what they love.