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No one ever asks for it

Asking for it - Louise T. O'Neill

Oh boy. This review makes me a bit anxious. This is such a hot button issue, I believe the term is. That fact alone hurts my heart. And this book hurt me more. But it is an issue that we cannot afford to ignore.


I have never experienced anything like the main character in O'Neill's book, and haven't talked much with anyone who has. But I don't doubt the accuracy that O'Neill has captured in her book. I've seen news stories to confirm it. It blows my mind to think we live in a society where we preach "innocent until proven guilty" and in the same breath can turn around and condemn a woman for speaking out, brushing it off a "looking for attention."


Okay, not gonna go any further with that. Spewing words in a book review is the wrong place to have a discussion about this. The book is a rough ride. There is not even a semblance of a happy moment anywhere. Not only is what happens to Emma disgusting, from the very beginning it is clear she lives in a toxic environment. Her relationships with her friends are toxic, and with her parents. I felt so down every time I thought about picking up the book.


I know it seems counterintuitive to pick up a book that will just depress you and anger you, but I think it's important to try and gain as much understanding as possible. To continue to remind ourselves that this is a problem that needs to change, and that we can help make that happen, even in the smallest of ways.