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A Study in Charlotte - Brittany Cavallaro

I'm not afraid to admit that it was the new BBC Sherlock series that got me amped up about all things Sherlock. So when I came across Brittany Cavallaro's book A Study in Charlotte I was pretty darn excited.


Cavallaro's book follows Charlotte Holmes and James Watson. They are descendants of the great Sherlock Holmes and John Watson respectively. The two finally meet at a boarding school in Connecticut and are immediately shoved into solving a murder together, of which they are prime suspects.


The fear with books like this, for me anyway, is that the author will try too much to recreate the original but with a modern spin. I think Cavallaro finds the perfect balance between telling her own story, creating her own characters while keeping the well-known habits and quirks of the beloved originals present but not overbearing.


James has a love of writing and a bit of a temper, but is tolerant of Holmes' unorthodox behavior. Charlotte is calculated and emotional stunted much like her great-great-great grandfather, but has a better ability to express her more human side than he ever did (though she's still rather stubborn about it).


The plot continued to thicken as the book went on, the relationship between Watson and Holmes grew and by the end I loved them as much as I loved Freeman and Cumberbatch's pairing, or Law and Downey's. I also absolutely loved the last chapter, but I don't think I'll say why so as not to spoil it.