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Weregirl - C. D. Bell

*This review has a minor spoiler.* This was one of the more disappointing books I've read in a while. I'm a big wolf lover, and I'd take werewolves over vampires any day. And even though it is written for middle grade readers, I went into this book have moderate expectations. The book summary sounded interesting enough. Girl gets turned into werewolf, starts exploring suspicious things going on in town. Alright, let's see how we go.


It started off well but soon started to slip. I felt things were reiterated too often, things the reader surely would have remembered after the first mention. The shaman character, who is supposed to help Nessa understand her abilities and guide her, is exceedingly absent. Which, I get is probably the point, but he just felt too absent. And Nessa never really even seems to figure out her powers on her own. Or she does in a really passive way, like she wasn't even trying, just kind of went with it.


The writing was alright, a little clunky and oddly structured for my taste. If someone in the target age range was reading, they probably wouldn't have minded as much, but it just didn't grab me. Also, and this bit is gonna be a bit spoiler-y so...***SKIP THIS BIT IF YOU PLAN ON READING AND DON'T WANT SOMETHING SPOILED*** Luc so should've been the gray wolf Nessa kept tooling around with! Like, it even felt like that's what the author was going for, but no! Maybe there is gonna be another book and it will just be revealed then but still! That should've been a thing.


Anywho, yeah. Not terrible but definitely not very good. If you have a young wolf lover in your life they will probably enjoy it some. But best to make it a library read just in case.