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Holmes and Watson back at it

The Last of August (Charlotte Holmes Novel) - Brittany Cavallaro

Oh gosh. What do I say about this book now? Umm, it was awesome? And funny? And was so gosh darn clever and cryptic and Sherlockian that it nearly left me behind on the way to the big reveal. Seriously, I might have to re-read just to make sure I got everything.


We pick up with Watson and Holmes pretty much where we left them in A Study in Charlotte. The two are enjoying their holiday break (or trying to) before they get swept up in another mystery and are lead all over Europe in search of Holmes's uncle and the notorious Moriarty family.


I feel about the relationship between Holmes and Watson the way I do about the relationship between the characters in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (can't think of their names right now). From the outside it all seems rather dysfunctional and overly complicated and like it just inherently wont work. But really, I think it might be one of the more honest relationship out there, one that isn't trying to squeeze into the mold that's been widely adopted in society. Lord knows Charlotte isn't holding anything back.


Cavallaro has once again created a web of complex characters with dark and mysterious back stories and sent them on an ever intriguing adventure to discover the truth.