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Tea, Cats, and Books

A book is best read with tea in your hand and a cat on your lap. 

24-year-old English Major that currently works in an indie bookshop and at a local publishing house. Reviews and other bookish things. 

We all have our problems...

I must just really like making problems for myself. I've gotten very good at it in my short 23 years of life.


The problem I am referring to currently is the problem of time. First, it must be noted that time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so. Since this is my first post I suppose I should give a bit of background about myself.


This fact seems crazier to me everytime I think about it, but I graduated from college a year ago. Technically it has been over a year (a whole two days over). Anyway, I'm a not-so-recent college graduate. I'm currently working at a fantastic local publishing house called Bailiwick Press and am also working at the most kick-ass bookstore in FoCo, Old Firehouse Books.


I majored in English. That is my more professionl way of saying that I love reading and writing. Because, aside from the classes I was taking for my Zoology minor, that was pretty much all I ever did for school. It wasn't always the most fun but I find that writing, in whatever form, is helpful.


The thing I was most excited for upon my graduation was that I would have plenty of time to read and write what I wanted to. And this was the case for a while. Then I started working two jobs. And then I got a boyfriend. And I've always been a person who can't say no, a people pleaser, if you will. So between managing all those things as well as the day to day tasks of life, the time I have left to me for reading and writing is practically nonexistent.


This lack of literature and prose in my life is not a new phenomenon. It has happened before. But, just like before, I have reached a breaking point; I begin to shut down because I haven't been creating my own work and I haven't been studying others' work. These are two things I am constantly reminded I cannot, in the long term, live without.


Luckily, the time is almost at hand where minutes will be marked by the turn of a page and the events of an hour are recorded on a page.


I can hardly wait.

And so this post isn't just me complaining about my problems, I'll end with this: Always make time for the things you love.